Culture & Philosophy

SANGHAMITRA is a Mumbai based Indo-Italian ethical luxury brand, conceived around the essential concept of bringing together the ancient Indian hand weaving and tailoring traditions with contemporary European Fashion edits, maintaining a key focus on quality.

We aim to simplify and re-value sustainably:

SIMPLIFY complex and intricate edits, to create clean and elegant design pieces.

RE-VALUE ancient Indian tailoring traditions, by respecting our artisans’ labour and times, raising awareness about their work and cultural heritage.

We produce all our collections through a SUSTAINABLE process, giving life to unique handmade garments using exclusively natural fabrics.

Designer Sanghamitra Phukan’s work is inspired by both her Indian heritage and European history, art and fashion culture. Reinterpreting traditions and processing current trends through her uniquely peculiar taste, Sanghamitra creates simple and clean layouts, based on essentially elegant shapes and enriched, at times, by touches of fine hand embroidery.

We maintain a key focus on quality & creativity, within the effort of preserving and reinterpreting Indian traditional fashion, constant source of inspiration for global fashion trends, where the younger western cultures dive in to re-discover their roots.

Heritage & Ethical Vision

We see an ethical and sustainable future, where true values will be given priority over social status, and businesses will strive to sustainably maximise quality rather then profits. SANGHAMITRA wants to actively participate to these transitions as a cultural link between India and the Western cultures, within the fields of luxury, fashion, creative design/ communication and beauty.

Our Indo-Italian soul is represented by our logo, inspired by a Celtic interpretation of the Triskelion, the Buddhist meditational symbol. By providing evidence for the influence of Buddhism in ancient Europe, this metaphysical symbol represents an ancestral cultural link between India and Europe, becoming therefore a symbolic statement of our heritage.

Unbiased attention is constantly dedicated to the quality of both fabrics and handwork through which our garments are created. Each piece of our collections is handcrafted by Indian artisans, using exclusively precious natural fabrics, some of which are directly sourced from rural villages of North Eastern India and hand weaved through an ancient process recalling a millenary tradition.

We wish to preserve and keep alive this noble tradition through each one of our creations. We aim to keep increasing our demand of natural/ hand woven fabrics and institutionalize a Sanghamitra foundation, in order to directly support rural weavers communities and give back part of our profits to weavers’ families.